Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finishing the February Challenge: White

It was snowing. It was late at night. So, naturally, I took my camera and tripod and embarked on a photo expedition to the snow covered campus.

bicycle storage?

My color pick for the 5th week of February is the "non-color", white. To be honest, the choice was almost forced upon me when I realized on Friday that I hadn't done any of my week 5 photos, yet. Thank goodness for leap year, or I would have missed the week altogether!

Amy and I attended a funtastic concert by Bill Kirchen at the Ark, Friday night. I had intended to bring my camera, but forgot. Oh, well. When we came out after the concert, it was snowing, great huge flakes, coming down thickly. Oh! I wanted my camera. I figured, "Ok, we'll drive home, I'll grab the camera, and get back into town to take some neat shots of lights in the snow." Or something like that. Of course, by the time I got home, called the kids (who were on a trip with their grandparents), walked the dog, etc., etc., the snow had stopped.

But, I still needed my photos for the challenge. I loaded the camera, lenses, and tripod into the car and set out for campus. I started at the law quad, worked my way up to the "diag", to Ingalls Mall, and back by way of Hill Auditorium. With all that newly fallen snow, what color could I pick other than white?

When I saw the bike "storage" area by Mason Hall, with all the bikes in the snow, I knew I wanted a picture of it. It amazes me that these (expensive) bikes are just left out in the snow like this. I tried several different angles, and the one above was my favorite. Yes, it's a cliché but I like it.

blowing snowAs I was walking, it would snow a bit from time to time. It never got as thick as the earlier snowfall that had inspired me, but I did manage to capture the blowing snow in floodlights. You need to view that one large and on black. There's a lovely texture resulting from the long exposure and the moving flakes.

blowing snowThe last photo may be a bit of a cheat for a "February Challenge", but I've been wanting to do a snow blower picture all winter. The next day was lovely and sunny and there was 6 to 8 inches of new snow to move. There's nothing quite as white as freshly fallen snow. A fast shutter speed stopped the snow in mid-air.

One of the hardest parts of this week in the challenge was choosing only 3 from among my favorites. I included some others in the photo set on Flickr.

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