Tuesday, March 4, 2008

February Challenge, Week 4: Green

Week 4 is dedicated to green. I got the idea from a friend's cubicle — she had tacked up fabric over the panels, put in some plants and a rug, resulting in a bamboo-like theme. I took a photo, but I ended up not using it.
Obviously, a green theme needs some plants, which I found "growing" in the lobby of my workplace. The red stem formed a focal point, and shallow depth of field gave me a nicely variegated green background.

why green?This green pillar stands in the middle of the cube farm in which I work. As you can see, the basic color theme is beige, but someone thought we needed a splash of color in the middle. Since we couldn't get rid of the column, they painted it this "lovely" olive green.

I wanted to accentuate the color contrast of the column with the rest of the office, so I found a vantage point where very few cubicle decorations were visible, and filled about 2/3 of the frame with the column. The highlight on the dark side added some depth, and I positioned myself to take advantage of it.

Starbux greenAnn Arbor has about 30 coffee shops (or so it seems). Until a few years ago, none of them were Starbucks, but they did move in, eventually. Apparently, the function of a coffee shop in a college town is to provide an alternative study location to the library. Personally, I'd prefer one that offered free wireless connections, but maybe the brand name attraction is just too strong to resist.

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