Monday, March 3, 2008

February Challenge, Week 3: Orange

colorful conduitFeb's third week started with spotting a reel of tri-colored conduit next to the street. Some outfit (I think AT&T) is pulling fiber along a number of main streets in town. With this photo, I could go with orange, green, or blue as my color of the week.

The next "color event" of the week came a few days later. I was walking to the parking lot after a long day at work. It was snowing. I came to a group of orange construction barrels, under an orange street light. The choice then became clear — my color for this week would be orange! I stopped, took off my backpack, pulled the camera out of the pack, and took several photos, trying to capture at least one of the blinking lights. As you can see (after the break) I succeeded.

Construction in February

Having chosen orange, I faced the challenge of finding another orange photo that did not involve construction. That very evening, the opportunity arose as I was preparing veggies for a "pot roast". My son's girlfriend is vegetarian. The first time she was at the house at dinner time, I didn't know this, and I had prepared a pot roast with a nice hunk of beef and lots of veggies. I ended up serving her bread and cheese (good bread and good cheese, but still...)

veggies to be pot-roastedThis time I roasted the beef separately from the veggies, so the omnivores can eat them together and the vegetarians can just skip the meat. I added finely chopped mushrooms for their flavor enhancing umami character. It came out pretty well. To my taste, not as good as veggies roasted with the beef, but still quite good. (Carrots, potatoes, parsnips, and onions can be seen here.)

As I was preparing the original conduit photo to upload to Flickr, I wanted to emphasize the orange conduit and de-emphasize the green and blue. So I bumped the saturation a little and then applied a "warming" filter to tone the blue and green down and to make the orange glow a little brighter.

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