Monday, March 3, 2008

2008 Challenge, Week 4

Rackham Graduate School

All graduate students at the University of Michigan are officially enrolled in the Graduate School, no matter what department they may be working in. The building houses the offices of the graduate school as well as a large auditorium, which hosts various visiting speakers throughout the year. There are also nicely appointed study rooms.

Horace Rackham gave the money to build it, and specified that it must face the university library with no obstructions between the two. A nice pedestrian mall runs the several blocks between Rackham and the library.

I really wanted to take this shot in the light of the setting sun. Alas, I set out a few minutes too late. I did get a nice shot of the Ann Arbor Google office sign in the warm sunlight as I was on my way.

It was a cold evening (about 15F) so I didn't want to linger long. I found a position that silhouetted the building against the sky color, waited for a pedestrian to get out of the frame, and took a couple of shots.

Nite Flight - #176 - July 6, 2007I tried straightening the perspective convergence out, but the result looked really weird, so I left it alone. The wide angle and converging lines make the building loom majestically. It's really a more welcoming place than it appears in this bleak midwinter photograph. In the summer, for example, it serves as the backdrop for the Summer Festival's free "Top of the Park" concerts, with colored lights brightening its stone facade.

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