Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why Blog?

Greg asks "why do we blog?" Well, that's a good question. I started this blog more as a means of self exploration than in the expectation that lots of people would read it. (I'd say that my "stats" bear out that non-expectation.) But a few people did start reading it, especially when I started branching out from my initial "navel-gazing."

So what did I do then?

Actually, what I did then was to stop writing for a while. I think it was just a coincidence -- that I got busy, didn't have time, wasn't getting enough sleep, etc., etc. I think I was running out of things to say within the boundaries I had originally set.

Greg says blogging is about "staying connected." Yes, but it's an odd sort of "connectedness." Connection through my blog is both more personal and less than the sort of connection I get through Flickr. It's more, because I'm revealing more of myself. It's less, because the Flickr community starts with a common interest — taking pictures, and because some of us are able to turn that common interest into human contact (in "meat space," as the idiom has it.)

And, at least to this old-timer, online connection is really no substitute for direct human interaction. Sure, there are some blogs, like Seth Godin's, which I'll read for insight, but there are others that I read because I already have a connection with the writer. Their postings illuminate and strengthen my already existing relationship, and are of interest because of that.

Why do I blog? Partly as a journal, as an experiment in translating my daily experience into writing. Partly to communicate with family and friends. And, partly in the hope that something I say here might resonate with someone I haven't met yet, someone who could be a friend if we only connected.

So, yes, it's about connection. With myself. With you, my friends and family. And maybe, with the world.

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Anonymous said...

Very well said! I blog to communicate/"stay in touch", too. I have met some fabulous people on line and have carried this over into real life. It's actually a great way to meet people...you already have some "history" when you meet in person!