Monday, February 11, 2008

The February Challenge

Our challenge for February is to take 3 photos each week, featuring a different color each week. It's an interesting challenge, which at first seems hard, but once I pick a color, I see it everywhere.

For the first (short) week, I decided on purple because I knew that I could get at least one purple shot from the set for Beauty and the Beast. I've been on the set crew for the Burns Park Players annual production for the past 9 years, and really enjoy it. It's a place where I can be a little creative on my own, and part of a massively creative group effort.

purple set and costume

When I got to the theater, they were also working on the teapot costume, colorfully repainted in pink and purple.

Earlier the same day, I joined a group of Detroit and Ann Arbor area photographers on a "photo safari" around downtown Ann Arbor and the University. A fellow trekker, Sam, had a striking purple streak in her hair. I immediately decided to make that one of my purples.

purple hair

I had several options for my third purple, but decided that this display from the window of American Apparel was the one to go with. There were actually 3 manikins in purple, but I couldn't get a good shot of all three because of the reflections from the glass. I think this one is stronger, anyway.
purple sweater

At first, I was worried about finding my 3 purples, but it was amazing how I started seeing purple everywhere. I was freed from searching for the color and could, instead, focus on the images.

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Trevor Carpenter said...

It is amazing how much you start seeing your "color". I too have seen this happen to me.