Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February Challenge, week 2: Yellow

test patches?This set of paint spots on a building across the street from work inspired me to go with yellow for the second week of the February challenge. I figured I'd have no trouble finding at least two other yellow-themed photo opportunities.

I futzed a bit with the composition of this one. I wanted more than just the paint patches, centered in the frame. I decided to try to pull in the yellow of the stairway, visible through the window in the upper right. I also wanted as little perspective distortion as possible, so I needed to shoot pretty much straight on. I liked the drip from one of the patches, and I didn't like the black marquee overhanging at the top left. Thus, I was fairly constrained, but I still like the result. I could do without the reflection of the tree in the window; it adds a jarring textural element, contrasting to the delicious industrial metal texture of the wall. Painting it out might be possible, but I'll live with it.

yellow leashAlthough the paint patches inspired the color choice, I didn't have my camera with me when I saw them. So this is the one I took first. This leash was a lone spot of color on a gray afternoon at the dog park. Just as I prepared to take my picture, the wind gusted and blew the leash into the diagonal loop that you see here. Although it was cold, it makes a nicer composition than it would have made hanging straight down.

I considered a photo of the other spot of yellow nearby, in the snow at the base of the fence. But then I thought better of the idea. What do you think? Should I have used that instead?

yellow squash
My final yellow selection was this spaghetti squash. I bought the squash at the farmers market, from one of the orchardists. I guess they were branching out into vegetables.

A cast iron skillet provides a contrasting background (if not quite large enough) under the warm halogen light of my range hood. After taking the picture, I chopped up the squash, cooked it, and we had it with dinner.

Yellow is a nice sunny, warm color for a cold February week.

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