Thursday, February 14, 2008

2008 Challenge, Week 3

Main Street
Main Street, Ann Arbor, at night. The holiday lights in the trees add warmth to the winter streetscape. It was about 5F when I took the photo. I'm sure the passersby thought I was nuts.

Ann Arbor has 3 "downtown" areas. Main St. is almost exclusively "town", and has lots of restaurants and arty stores. State St. is a mix of town and gown, with (of course) restaurants, book stores, and clothing stores. South University St. (South U) is very much gown, with businesses targeted mostly at students.

For this shoot, I headed out with tripod and camera, getting downtown a bit before 11. The streets weren't too busy, probably because of the cold more than the lateness of the hour. I set up on the corner, tried to frame to get the tree lights and some interesting buildings, and started shooting. I stopped down to f/22 so that I could use a 2.5 second exposure and get some car light trails. The greater depth of field from the small aperture was also a plus. The camera was set on its minimum ISO setting of 200 to get as long an exposure as possible.

I took several shots from this position, experimenting with when to take it vis-a-vis where the cars were, trying to get the best looking light trails. As you can see, it was windy, and some of the tree branches were whipping back and forth, leaving their own trails.

I moved to a couple of other positions — one further up the street (behind the camera in this shot) and one at the other end of the block. I liked this view the best of the three. As I was walking down the street, I saw a person waiting in front of the the Ark. I quickly set up the tripod and snapped the photo below. I really like the mood.
The Ark

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