Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stretching my comfort zone

I got an email from my minister asking if I would be a "visiting steward" for our stewardship campaign. In other words, would I go visit fellow congregants, asking them to pledge large amounts of money for the upcoming year. I'm not comfortable talking about money, let alone asking people to give money to a cause.

Well... That means I'm looking a "growth opportunity" in the face.

So, I said yes. On Wednesday, I attended a "training" session, where the campaign was explained, and we did some role playing. I haven't made my calls yet, though. I need to have pledges in hand by the end of October. That means that I need to make calls this week to set up appointments to meet in person. At which I will sit down, face to face, and ask them to make a significant contribution. I will need to talk about my pledge, and what it means to me. Whoof! Strangely, I am looking forward to it.

When were you challenged to take on a task outside your comfort zone? What did you do? If you took it on, did you feel fulfilled and enlarged, or did your fears come true? What will you do next time?

(I'm not doing too well at the "write something every day" thing, am I? I have started a bunch of these in my head, but it doesn't count until they're written and published, does it?)

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Estelendur said...

No, it doesn't count until you write it. :P